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Tip: Visit from older devices via alt.kokoscript.com! (Excuse any layout issues...)

portrait of my fursonaHey, I'm Koko. I'm a programmer, independent game developer, and pixel-artist from Chicago. I'm also an expert on foxgirls, seeing as I am one myself!

Some of my current projects include:

  • ???????????, a short RPG (more details eventually)
  • Endless Attack REMIX, an endless cute-em-up twin-stick shooter for DOS (on hold)
  • Tanuki, a minimal and low-overhead game engine for DOS, built on Allegro 4
  • VixenKit, a library to help add modding/localization support, debug tools, and more to Stencyl games
  • This website

Aside from my main fields, my other interests include:

  • IT work & sysadmin (the latter being for myself, can't say the same about the former)
  • Vintage PC hardware/software (and vintage tech in general)
  • Inorganic 3D modelling
  • Digital art
  • Music composition (using Logic, LMMS, and tracker software)
  • Photography
  • Video editing

If you're curious about the media I like, I have Backloggd and RYM profiles; they're not really complete though. I don't watch movies or TV much, so no Letterboxd; however, I do have an AniList.

For info on how to contact me:

Contact me

Site update notes (last update: Feb. 2023)
~ 04 Feb 2023 ~

Site redesign.

IRIX + vixen = IRIXen

~ 29 Jan 2023 ~

Huge update to the gallery!

  • 55 new pieces! That includes ones from the past few months, sketches I never added, and some unfinished versions of finished pieces.
  • Category pages! The landing page is also now a "featured" gallery, since the original one was getting too big. If you liked the old "give me everything" gallery though, that's still an option :)
  • Alt text! This is admittedly still an ongoing project, but most newer pieces now have descriptions.

there's also a fursona category which I couldn't fit into the navigation.

Next up: site redesign (hopefully). But first, a break sleepy koko

~ 26 Jan 2023 ~

Yet another seemingly-invisible update! Mostly just a giant behind-the-scenes change to how pages are generated, making it so page content is now completely separate from the layout. I did this to prepare for a potential site redesign (stay tuned!)

Next up: getting the gallery up-to-date, and making dedicated category pages.

~ 25 Nov 2022 ~

Anything look different? No? Then that means I've restructured the base page layout while keeping the exact same look! This was done to alleviate some layout issues with pre-CSS3 browsers, so now most browsers from the 2000s should render the site at least somewhat properly. I hope.

There are still a few issues here and there regarding older browser compatibility. For example, the artwork gallery still uses the CSS grid, a feature from 2017. Internet Explorer 5 through 8 also continue to choke on the layout... despite it being made up of extremely basic CSS now. I'll probably have to do another compatibility rewrite at some point to tie up any loose ends, but for now, it's good enough.

Other than that, I took the opportunity to convert most remaining images (save for fullsize artwork and blog images) to GIFs, yielding a whopping 2MB of data savings... mostly due to the artwork thumbnails. There was also going to be a mobile layout included with this update, but I ran into issues with older browsers trying to interpret the @media queries, breaking the style in the process...

~ 27 Aug 2022 ~

A giant update to the My Computers page, which now chronicles every single computer I've owned! Included are writeups for each computer, as well as galleries in most cases.

~ 27 Apr 2022 ~

You can now subscribe to art updates via RSS/Atom! Check the Artwork page for the subscription link.

~ 26 Apr 2022 ~

The Gallery/Artwork page is now paginated! I didn't realize how long the page was getting before...

~ 27 Dec 2021 ~

I swear I didn't forget about my website. I had actually tried to update it several times throughout the year, but never had the time to go through all of my art! But now, finally, the past year or so of my art has been added to the gallery. Now that it's been taken care of, I can focus on other plans I have for the site, considering the rest of it is equally outdated! For example, the "My Computers" page has been woefully outdated for some time now, the Q&A needs some more content, I'm probably missing a few things on the programming page... you get the picture.

Beyond the pages I have yet to update, I plan on adding a second gallery! The current gallery is strictly for art, but for some time now I've wanted some way to show some stuff I do that isn't necessarily art. I'm also really close to opening up the Discord server I mentioned last September. I have it ready to go, so I'm just waiting on a good day to open it up. It ties in with some larger plans I have, which should become apparent eventually.

Unfortunately, with all that is new comes some removals: First, I'm discontinuing the Thrift Finds post series after a whopping 1 (one) post. I found it hard to keep up with, and nowadays I'm not even finding much that's interesting at my usual spots. So I'd rather not deal with it! In turn however, I have at least 2 or 3 substantial blog posts in the works; that is, if I can ever find the time to write them. The next thing on the chopping block is the Gopher version of the site. I never even touched it after publishing the initial version of the site, and even then it's missing quite a few pages in comparison. Combined with the fact that my site heavily relies on images and other media... Gopher is just tough to translate this site to. So, farewell gopher://kokoscript.com! Lastly, there's the "calculator museum" I mentioned in last September's update; I don't know why I thought that was a good idea, because I soon found a way better museum site.

And last but not least, the technical stuff. I've begun to add better support for older browsers and slower networks to the site; this largely takes the form of changing most images to GIFs for better size and compatibility, but I've also started testing the site with IE6 and the like to fix some other glaring issues (white text on white backgrounds, missing cursors, etc). I have yet to rework the layout of the site into something more compatible, so it's still very hit-or-miss on browsers from before CSS3. I also took the opportunity to restructure the behind-the-scenes structure of the site, which means some files and pages have changed locations. So, if you bookmarked or hotlinked (grrr...) something here, you might need to update that. Sorry!

I suppose that's it for now, back to work... fearful koko

(P.S.: Going forward I'm going to use a script to help me add artwork to the site and automatically publish it, so hopefully giant art dumps like these shouldn't happen again. Downside is that new art will no longer be announced here. So if you don't follow me on Twitter, you'll have to come back once in a while to check- unless I set up a separate RSS or something. Sorry again!)

~ 06 Jan 2021 ~

New font: CellProvider! Also removed references to [domain I no longer own] as I no longer had a need for it. (It redirects here now!)

I swear I'm going to get the gallery updated. Eventually. It'll happen.

~ 14 Nov 2020 ~

Uni has been absolutely killer, but I was able to squeeze in a surprise: my archival efforts of Sony's Sapari chatroom service! Unfortunately, no other updates today, just that. I hope to update the gallery next month and get started on the Discord.

~ 11 Sep 2020 ~

Some new content! Go check out the Blog and Gallery! I also added userbars to the main page for... reasons.

Some major additions to the site are in the pipeline right now (such as an accompanying public Discord server and a calculator museum), so stay tuned!

~ 17 Aug 2020 ~

New site! I've stepped away from the derelict Wordpress setup I had going on, and decided to return to a DIY site once again. Instead of reusing the old site (from before switching to Wordpress), I went ahead and started from scratch. I didn't even consider using SeaMonkey Composer this time, which means I had total control over how the site should look...

...and control the look I did! I went with a Y2K-esque design, additionally taking hints from various operating systems (mostly BeOS and MacOS) for iconography. Everything you see here was hand-crafted by me!

I ended up reusing most of the content from the old site though, but it's arguably better than almost no content at all (which was basically the Wordpress site I had).

lil guys a kaomoji, leading to an image of a small cat on a piano