hey everything will look like trash and all of the links here are dead for now… please be patient ;3

– Kokoro

Yo, I’m Koko! This is my personal site where I’ll share a lot of the projects/other stuff I’ve worked on.
[she/her, ⚧, ⚢]

BlogThe miscellaneous musings of a nerdy foxgirl – also includes the ExaStar Development Journal entries
Art…if you can call it art, sure
[Apparently, getting all of my art together is proving to be a harder task than I anticipated. Check back soon!]
GamesI’ve made quite a few games that aren’t as good as ExaStar
Programming ProjectsClearly HTML isn’t my strong suit right now, my non-web stuff is fine (i think)
MusicSometimes I’ll slam my hands down on a piano and some music will come out of it
FontsThings that make your text look cool
[I’m currently rebuilding all of my fonts so they’re more optimized, stay tuned!]

You can also follow me elsewhere:

TwitterMy personal account, mostly just frequent garbage and rarely art
GitFluffMiscellaneous programming projects. I also own this host.
DiscordIf I know you, ask me for it.
TelegramIf I know you, ask me for it.
InstagramMuch unlike the previous -gram, this account is only used for posting art and gamedev updates.


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