Hi, I'm Koko! I'm a programmer, independent game developer, and pixel-artist living in the Chicago area (and sometimes Chicago itself). Some of my current projects include:

  • ExaStar, a JRPG taking inspiration from a variety of sources
  • VixenKit, a library which helps add modding/localization support, debug tools, and more to Stencyl games
  • The Vulpine application suite (formerly Candid), a set of small, creator-oriented tools
  • An untitled game about a foxgirl flipping gravity & more
  • Origami, a (planned) hybrid game engine/framework using OpenFL, sharing components from VixenKit
  • This website

Other than my main fields from above, I like to dabble a lot in the following:

  • IT work & server management (mostly for myself, luckily)
  • Vintage tech/PC hardware
  • Digital/traditional drawing
  • Low-poly modelling
  • Music composition (mostly using FamiTracker and LMMS)
  • Photography
  • Video editing

I can't think of any better way to give additional intro to myself other than pointing towards the Q&A page:


...and if you'd like to contact me:

Contact me

Here's my web button so you can link to my site from your own page!

This site is best viewed using a 1024x768px monitor and a fresh copy of Windows 2000. (and a browser that can actually render the site properly)

Site updates (site last updated Jan. 2021)
Jan 6, 2021: New font: CellProvider! Also removed references to fluff.haus as I no longer had a need for it. (It redirects here now!)
I *swear* I'm going to get the gallery updated. Eventually. It'll happen.
Nov 14, 2020: Uni has been absolutely killer, but I was able to squeeze in a surprise: my archival efforts of Sony's Sapari chatroom service! Unfortunately, no other updates today, just that. I hope to update the gallery next month and get started on the Discord.
Sep 11, 2020: Some new content! Go check out the Blog and Gallery! I also added userbars to the main page for... reasons.

Some major additions to the site are in the pipeline right now (such as an accompanying public Discord server and a calculator museum), so stay tuned!
Aug 17, 2020: New site! I've stepped away from the derelict Wordpress setup I had going on, and decided to return to a DIY site once again. Instead of reusing the old site (from before switching to Wordpress), I went ahead and started from scratch. I didn't even consider using SeaMonkey Composer this time, which means I had total control over how the site should look...

...and control the look I did! I went with a Y2K-esque design, additionally taking hints from various operating systems (mostly BeOS and MacOS) for iconography. Everything you see here was hand-crafted by me!

I ended up reusing most of the content from the old site though, but it's arguably better than almost no content at all (which was basically the Wordpress site I had).