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NEW RELEASE: WordHopper, for DOS

18 Jul 2023

a short gameplay gif of wordhopper, showing a rabbit hopping across a grid of letters, spelling out the word "rabbit"

Hey hey! Long time no see! Definitely haven't forgotten about this site. Nope.

A couple nights ago, I released my first commercial game, WordHopper! It's a little arcade-like word game, which is designed for Pentium-class PCs running DOS. I made it as part of a game jam centering around DOS games, and as a result I didn't post any development journals for this. I might do a retrospective one sometime in the future, but... Anyway!

You can buy it on its itch.io page. MSRP is $2, with a minimum of $1- or, if you like what I've been doing all these years, now's the perfect time to pay extra! There's also a demo version available for download, if you'd like to try it out (either on real hardware or an emulator) before buying. You can also play the demo online (click in the DOSBox window as early as possible to avoid a loud sound- I'm working on fixing that)!

wordhopper title screen/menu

wordhopper screenshot; spelling the word "game" on a grid of letters

wordhopper screenshot; spelling out "quiet" on the grid of letters, aiming towards the last letter needed

wordhopper screenshot; spelling a very long word (minicomputer)

That's all for now, cya!


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