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collage of renders of a 3D model of my fursona. pic 1: orthographic front and side views of the model. it is shown both fully rendered and as a flat-shaded solid with a wireframe. pic 2: she's posing for the camera. one of her hooves is resting on a cube. pic 3: she's holding the K&R C book, with a perplexed expression. pic 4: she is PISSED OFF and kicking at... nothing.

Koko 5k Model

3D Render / 14 Jan 2023

A new model of my fursona, breaking free from the restrictions of 256 tris! My girlfriend (cosmopawt) created the mesh based off the old 256 tri model, and I handled the rest (textures, shading, rigging, and shapekeys).

The '5k' refers to the number of tris without the outline effect enabled. Only a single 2048px2 texture is used.

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