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Koko Figure

Koko Figure

Craft / 17 Sep 2019

Polymer clay figure of my fursona that took 2 days of work and lots of patience. Not to mention constant worrying over things falling apart, which didn’t really happen until I put the figure into the oven to harden - then she fell apart, nothing superglue can’t fix though :)

Funny story, after I was done baking the figure, I noticed some of her earfluff was missing, then noticed a slight chemical smell in the room, quickly figuring out that it had fallen into the bottom of the oven. The oven that was shared by the whole dorm building I was living in at the time. Someone else had taken the oven right after me, I had to explain what happened, and luckily they were happy to let me fetch the charred piece (at the expense of their cake taking a tiny bit longer to make). Crisis averted!

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