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art of my fursona poking through an x11 window titled 'xkoko' in a monochrome twm setup. she has two speech bubbles which say 'Trying to get some work done, are we? Cute. Let's fix that~'. other windows are open; xedit has the text 'please get out of my workstation :((' typed in. xman's search window is open and the query 'remove demon foxgirl how??' is entered. xterm is open and a 'killall xkoko' command is issued, with the response 'hehehe, nice try ;3'. the twm main menu is open to the exit dialog, which has only one option: 'Really quit twm? - Too bad, you can't~ <3'. xconsole shows entries for the root permissions being changed, a service named 'kokod' being registered and started, and a scheduled shutdown of 30 seconds.

Demon in the System

Pixel Art / 07 Oct 2022

Can't get any work done when a hellspawn foxgirl somehow enters your workstation. (at least she's cute...?)

You can also get xkoko here as a real X11 program!

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