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Title Date Published Category
New Video: Koko plays Rogue, pt. 1 (Stream Highlights) 11 Sep 2020 Videos
Don't eat toothpaste.
Thrift Finds: Aug 2020 11 Sep 2020 Stuff
First in a series where I document my purchases from thrift/book stores or other secondhand shops.
The Y2Ktop Adventure (pt. 1) 25 Aug 2019 Computers
I discuss my endevours in attempting to modernize a laptop that was originally manufactured in 2000.
ExaStar Development Journal #7 – ExaStar takes form 12 May 2018 Gamedev
Introduction of the Card system and more.
ExaStar Development Journal #6 – The Rewriting (sorta) 14 Feb 2018 Gamedev
A new asset-caching system is implemented, which ends up creating some strange issues.