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Title Date Published Category
NEW RELEASE: WordHopper, for DOS 18 Jul 2023 Gamedev
Announcement for my new game.
border-image-slice without border-image-slice 14 Feb 2023 Programming
Tutorial for the trick I used to get nine-slice scaling on browsers older than ~2012.
Endless Attack REMIX Development Journal #3 09 Oct 2022 Gamedev
As focus starts to shift away from the engine, actual gameplay begins to be implemented.
Endless Attack REMIX Development Journal #2 18 Jul 2022 Gamedev
Despite taking a long break, I manage to do some important groundwork.
Endless Attack REMIX Development Journal #1 02 Mar 2022 Gamedev
The history and beginning of development on my latest game project.
Post-what? - Using PostPet in 2022 05 Jan 2022 Software
How to get PostPet, a combination pet sim and email client from the 90s, working in the modern age.
Thrift Finds: Aug 2020 11 Sep 2020 Stuff
First (and last) in a series where I document my purchases from thrift/book stores or other secondhand shops.
The Y2Ktop Adventure (pt. 1) 25 Aug 2019 Computers
I discuss my endevours in attempting to modernize a laptop that was originally manufactured in 2000.
ExaStar Development Journal #7 – ExaStar takes form 12 May 2018 Gamedev
Introduction of the Card system and more.
ExaStar Development Journal #6 – The Rewriting (sorta) 14 Feb 2018 Gamedev
A new asset-caching system is implemented, which ends up creating some strange issues.