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My Computers

This is a catalog of (almost) every computer I've ever owned, each with their own writeups and (most of the time) galleries. As someone who writes software and developed an unhealthy addiction to computers at a very young age, I've come to own a lot...

Most of my current systems' nicknames/hostnames are based on blocks/items that can be found in Minecraft. Don't ask why, I just needed some kind of theme other than "Koko-<SYSTYPE>", and since my phone was named Quartz and my MacBook was named Prismarine, I went with it.

This is mostly for personal reference, and the specs listed with each computer won't always be "official"; I swap parts around all the time. If you need a definitive specsheet for a computer listed here, look elsewhere.

Name Device Type Date Acquired Still own
DarkPrismarine ThinkPad X13 Gen 2 AMD (20XH005DUS) Laptop 22 Jun 2022 Yes
Beacon Custom PC Desktop 29 Dec 2021 Yes
Pocket PostPet Pocket PostPet Portable 25 Dec 2021 Yes
IronBlock PowerBook G4 (Late 2002) Laptop 11 Sep 2021 Yes
PrismarineSlab MacBook Pro (Early 2011, 15") Laptop 05 Sep 2021 Yes
Chumbo Chumby Classic Internet appliance 09 Jul 2021 Yes
StoneSlab PowerBook 190cs (JP) Laptop 22 Jun 2021 Yes
Audrey 3com Ergo Audrey Internet appliance 22 Jun 2021 Yes
PressurePlate Mac mini (Mid 2011) Desktop 26 Mar 2021 Yes
Netherrack Raspberry PI 4B Portable 25 Dec 2020 Yes
Berry iMac G3 (Strawberry) Desktop 25 Dec 2020 Yes
StoneBrick PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) Laptop 20 Dec 2020 Yes
CommandBlock ASUS K53E-BBR5 Laptop 24 Jan 2020 Yes
Prismarine MacBook Pro (2017, 13", 4 Ports) Laptop 18 May 2019 Yes
Netherite Palm Tungsten E2 Portable 13 May 2019 Yes
WorkPad IBM WorkPad 8602-10U Portable 04 May 2019 Yes
Hopper Raspberry PI 3B Portable 30 Jul 2018 Yes
CryingObsidian HP Pavilion g6-2239dx Laptop 2017 Yes
"Prismarine before Prismarine" HP 15-ay011nr Laptop 25 Dec 2016 No
DOA HP Laptop HP Pavilion dv4-1313dx Laptop 29 Oct 2016 No
Charcoal ("Y2Ktop") Gateway Solo 2150 Laptop 29 Oct 2016 Yes
Lapis Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5210 Laptop Aug 2015 Yes
Redstone ("Old Beacon") Custom PC Desktop 03 Feb 2015 Yes
First "True" Laptop HP Pavilion dv6915nr Laptop 16 Jul 2014 No
GlassBlock iMac (Mid 2007, 20") Desktop 30 Mar 2013 Yes
'06 iMac iMac (Early 2006, 20") Desktop Aug 2012 No
The single-use PC Unknown Gateway Pentium III Desktop 2011 No
The "why did I do that" iBook Clamshell iBook (Tangerine) Laptop 2010 No
Sapling ("Childhood PC") Gateway 310 Series Desktop 08 Sep 2004 Yes
First Power Macintoshes Unknown Power Macintosh(es) + Power Macintosh G3 Desktop 2004-2005 No