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Charcoal ("Y2Ktop")

Gateway Solo 2150 / Laptop / Acquired 29 Oct 2016

I wrote an entire blog post about this one, if you're willing to sit through the horrendous writing style I had back then.

In short, this is a laptop that an aunt+uncle gave me, alongside a broken HP laptop. I made a number of upgrades to it over the past few years, including maxing out the RAM, adding a new HDD (I tried a CF adapter to no avail), and even got it onto my home network with a PCMCIA WiFi adapter. A couple years back the hinge assembly started to fail, and nearly destroyed the display; luckily, I was able to detach it before any damage could be done (aside from a tiny bit of the front bezel cracking off). So now it's sort of a desktop computer?

It's currently the oldest/slowest Intel-based computer I own, so I like to use it to test Endless Attack REMIX in a native DOS environment. I still don't have anything that's closer to a 486, so it's a less-than-ideal solution.

  • CPU: Coppermine Pentium III, 600MHz
  • GPU: ATI Rage Mobility AGP 2x
  • RAM: 288MB
  • OS: Windows 98SE

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