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DOA HP Laptop

HP Pavilion dv4-1313dx / Laptop / Acquired 29 Oct 2016 (no longer own)

This one's great. I got it alongside Charcoal, which I still use frequently. But this laptop? I never even had the ability to power it on.

When I first got the laptop, I didn't have any means to charge it. The two laptop chargers I had at the time weren't a match. So, I ordered an off-brand charger, waited a week or so, and once it arrived I tried powering it on and—

It beeped at me. That didn't bode well. I already knew beforehand the laptop was "broken", but I had assumed something easy to replace, such as the hard drive or OS, had failed. The beep code indicated a CPU failure; but by this point I had taken apart and re-assembled computers many times before, so that should be an easy fix as well, right? Ehh...

I ordered a replacement CPU, dealt with the puzzling disassembly, swapped the CPU, and reassembled. Surely the laptop must work now, right???

No beeps. That's good. Then something much more concerning: a burning smell.

Needless to say, the laptop was parted out and tossed. I already owned a similar laptop before and it wasn't that stellar, so I didn't care.