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The single-use PC

Unknown Gateway Pentium III / Desktop / Acquired 2011 (no longer own)

Next (and THANKFULLY last) in the series of "computers I threw out for stupid reasons": a Pentium III Gateway, along with its CRT monitor. It used to be my grandparents', but they hadn't touched it in years; so it ended up being a plaything for my cousins and I. They were looking to get rid of it, so I stepped in and asked for it; part of the deal was that I had to go to a car show with my grandpa. Fun.

So it was brought home. I set it up on the same desk as Sapling, used it once, and proceeded to... not... really... use it. At all. After that.

Enter: my mom. She somehow convinces me to get rid of it. So, out onto the curb it went, in the pouring rain.

I was like, what, 10 years old at the time? As I grew older, I learned to hold onto things and not let my parents treat what I cherish as "junk". If only I had developed that skill earlier.