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PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) / Laptop / Acquired 20 Dec 2020

A PowerBook G3 I got for Christmas, around the same time as Berry. Haven't really done anything productive on it yet, besides making a Kaleidoscope theme or two. I rebuilt the PRAM battery a few months after getting it, which is a something I really don't recommend going through!

In 2021 I installed OS X 10.2 onto it, which was a complicated process given the lack of a CD-ROM drive. However, the system would constantly lock up for unknown reasons (though there's a pic with the kernel panic below in case you want to diagnose it for me). In 2022, I tried installing both NetBSD and OpenBSD onto it; I hit a brick wall with both, unfortunately. I did do a stream in which I successfully installed LinuxPPC 2000 onto it, though with a few minor issues; I'll put a link to the VOD here once I get around to uploading it.

  • CPU: PowerPC 750, 233MHz
  • GPU: ATI Rage Pro LT
  • RAM: 512MB
  • OS: Mac OS 9

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