I'm going to be extremely honest, I suck at making music. Don't expect much in terms of listenability.

I haven't really had much time to make original tracks/covers as of late, as all of my musical efforts are currently directed towards ExaStar's soundtrack. Since most of the tracks for that game need to be kept under wraps for the time being, I don't have too much to show here...

All music listed here is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0, which means you can use these tracks for noncommercial use and remix them if you want, as long as I'm given credit.

(who am i kidding, why would anyone waste time remixing anything here lol)


ExaStar Soundtrack Sampler

The ExaStar OST is, for now, entirely written by me. The full soundtrack for each release of the game (C0 Demo, C1 Demo, and Official Release) will be released once each release is... well, released. For now, you can listen to these select tracks from the Chapter 0 Demo.

1  An Unfair Battle

2  An Early Battle

3  Don't give up now!!

4  Forest of Ravvets [bonus]

5  Dreamsong [bonus]

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Infinite Demise - Alpha OST [2016]

The OST to the alpha versions of Infinite Demise, one of my previous games. This was the first game I wrote a soundtrack for by myself, so it's a bit lackluster. Nevertheless, you can listen to all of the tracks I wrote for it before putting the whole thing on hold.

1  BGM 1 - Perilous Floating Plains

2  BGM 2 - The Waterways

3  Bossed Around [Incomplete]

4  ohfuck (Crusher Event Stage)

5  Level Complete!

6  whoops (Game Over)

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Also comes with NSFs.


Memory [2017]

This was once the title screen music to ExaStar, before I decided I should go with something more energetic instead.

Download MP3 Download NSF

Push that Pixel! [2013]

A garbage track intended for an old experimental game of mine.

Download MP3 Download XM


big n exceptional ("small n' naff" Remix) [2016]

Remix of a song by vim. The original version can be found here.

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Garbage inbound.

Why I don't release music

Collection of tracks that I will most likely never end up finishing, in no particular order. This collection will be gradually added on to over time, so keep your eyes peeled.

1  safe.ftm

2  3rd times the charm.xm

3  first NSF.ftm

4  robotmassacre.ftm

5  uhawat.mmpz

6  twinsticksTitle.sunvox

7  twinsticksLeaderboard.sunvox

8  squaredudesRadiusTown.ftm

9  squaredudesBoss.ftm

10 idk again.mmpz

11 idk again 2.mmpz

12 really slow song.sunvox

13 dangersong.ftm

14 blah.ftm

15 cool chord progression.mmpz

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Also comes with liner notes and project files for most tracks. If you decide to complete one, lemme know.

Yakesong [2016]

A song made using sounds one of my friends made (and some other person we accidentally recorded laughing while we were recording samples). I somehow took the song somewhat seriously in the last part. I was going to make an "Un-Yake Edition" using normal samples instead of weird voice clips, but the project files to this are seemingly lost to time, and I'd rather not spend time recreating what is essentially a shitpost song.
The song's name is based on his name (Jakob) but with a Y instead because lol scandinavia