Questions either sent to me, or ones I thought some may ask. These are ordered with the newest ones being first.
If you want to ask me something that isn't listed here, please contact me!

Quick list:

So I have this cool app idea-


So I have this cool game idea-


Can I be your friend?

If we have a lot of interests in common, you've been interacting with me a bit, and you aren't a creep, sure! If you just want free art from me, then never! Also, I hate to sound old, but if you're like... 16 or under, don't even bother. People a few years younger than I am tend to get on my nerves. (maybe I really am old lol)

Have you tried Mastodon?

I honestly have, for half a year, too. There were a number of small annoyances that held me back from really liking it, which I'd rather not get into here. But the big reason was that it felt like everyone already knew each other there. It's kind of like being invited to a really cool-sounding party by your best friend, but when you get there you don't know anyone, so you just hang out with your friend and a few of their friends. Then social anxiety kicks in, so you just sit at the snack bar eating Wheat Thins until you feel like leaving. That pretty much sums up what Mastodon was like for me. I'm open to trying it again, but I really don't see myself feeling included there. I have an account on yiff.life which I try to keep active! It's not lewd, despite the name of the instance.

What's your preferred social media/platform?

None of them, I hate the post-2010 web :)
I only prefer to use Twitter because I have friends there, and that's about the only site I'm active on. Besides Discord, which I never join public servers like, ever. In fact, the only servers I'm in consist of me and my friends. At some point when Twitter eventually burns to the ground, I'd like to avoid moving to another social media conglomerate, maybe try to set up forums, an irc, or teamspeak (or something) here? I'd rather just do things old-school, so to speak.

How long have you been in gamedev?

I started using an *actual* game engine in early 2013, so by the time I'm writing this, a little over 7 years.

How do you do art?

I hope you're not looking for art advice from me, because I have absolutely none. I'm just self-taught. If you're looking for what equipment I use, you've come to the right place!
Whenever I do pixel art, I'll typically just use my mouse. In the case of sketching and doing digital art, I used to use a Wacom Intuos CTH-680, but I recently upgraded to a 3rd-gen iPad Air + Apple Pencil combo, which has the added benefit of being able to be connected to my Mac as a screen-tablet.
I mostly do everything digitally, so I can't recommend traditional art supplies.

What do you use to make pixel art?

Since 2017 I've been using Aseprite. Before that, I used Paint.NET, then before that I used Paintbrush, then before that I used Inchworm Animation (a DSiWare app), and in the very beginning I used MSPaint. Phew.

Favorite (modern) OS?

I've used em' all, so I think I can pick a favorite without having people trying to persuade me to use something else. Out of the big three - Windows, macOS, and Linux, I can easily knock Windows off the list. I only see it being viable for gaming, as doing any sort of programming work under it is a chore. Not to mention trying to organize things under Windows is just plain messy... I don't really like it. That's not even getting into the telemetry. Between macOS and Linux however, it's almost a close tie for me. I like Linux due to its customizability, it can run on almost any computer without artificial restrictions (*cough* Apple), it's completely open, and it has a Unix-like foundation. A few things I don't like, however, are issues it has such as fragmentation (many different WMs and DEs that devs have to account for) and a bit of an elitist and hostile userbase (in *my* eyes at least, not saying it's necessarily true but there are quite a few bad eggs). macOS on the other hand has a familiar Unix-like core as well, it looks appealing (Big Sur a little less however), has software support somewhere in-between Windows and Linux, and organizing things under it is a breeze. The only things I really don't like about it are the 2 most recent updates, which are really starting to tarnish what made the OS great, and the fact that it's mostly locked down to Apple's hardware. Not saying I haven't Hackintoshed though, it's just quite a pain to pull off. Between macOS and Linux, I'd have to say macOS is my favorite... at least for now.

Favorite (retro) OS?

Windows 2000. Hands-down. It's extremely stable, can run almost everything XP can with the right modifications, isn't as heavy as XP, has a really nice set of icons... It's honestly tied with 7 if I were to pick a favorite Windows version overall.

How are you managing all the content on your site? Making pages for blog posts and art must be tiring, no?

Simple: I don't! I actually use a tool called Jekyll, which lets me make collections (such as posts and artwork) and have pages generated for me based on small markdown files which contain basic info. Jekyll just does the heavy lifting, inserting the content into template pages and linking it all together. It also handles putting the navigation on every page, without me needing to paste the whole thing on each one. On top of all of that, it even handles generating the RSS and Atom feeds! Coming from a programming background, it's super fun to use.

What programming languages do you know?

This... is a tough question to answer, considering there are ones I constantly work with, ones I sometimes use or know a little bit, and ones that I learned once and never used again. I'll stick to the first two categories, though. My main language of choice is Haxe, due to its cross-platform and cross-language nature, followed by Java, which was my home programming language in 2016/2017, and lastly C, which I mainly use for small, fun projects and classwork. As for languages I use a little bit, that would include bash scripting, Swift, and Assembly, all of which I would mainly use for personal projects. I would include HTML/CSS in my main languages but it's not *really* a programming language.

Pixifont 3 when???

Someday :)