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You can get some designs I've made on things such as stickers and shirts! Check it out:

Redbubble Store

A sampling of what you can get:


In the very rare event I'm open for commissions, I'll draw something for you - at a price, of course :3

Commissions are currently closed. Estimated re-opening: N/A
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Regular Art
Type Description Pricing Slots
All Regular Art is digital-only.
Sketch Pencil sketch, simple as that.
Headshot $10
Hips-up $16
Full $18
Line art Cleaned-up sketch, with strong black lines.
Headshot $14
Hips-up $20
Full $22
Flat colored Line art, but filled with color. No shading whatsoever.
Headshot $18
Hips-up $24
Full $26
Flat shaded Flat colored, but given some simple shading (hard/flat shading to be specific).
Headshot $24
Hips-up $30
Full $34
Pixel Art
Type Description Pricing Slots
Calculator Headshot Get some art drawn using a TI-84 calculator! Also includes the .8xp file, so you can transfer it to your own TI-8x calculator. $12 1
Character Sprite Full-body pixel art of a character, limited to within yet-to-be-determined dimensions. $20 1